We respect the visitors of this page and publish the testimonials with utmost good faith. Testimonials are considered as one of the key factor towards closure of any sale. We have published the entire Testimonial details with clients Name, Designation and their Official Website, wherever is possible. Very soon Netleafinfosoft testimonial section is coming up with Video Testimonial also for more authenticity and reliability. Today around 92% sales closure happens post reading reviews and testimonials and around 72% out of them says that positive reviews make them more comfortable while taking final decision. We never push our clients to recommend us as they are our family so they do it as their responsibility to spread the relationship with others.

We simply believe that writing is not that important; if our customers appreciate us in front of others we get business. That is really a proud moment for us and we never forgot to call and share a Thank you note with our clients, who are our family. That is the only reason we ask every new client to visit Netleafinfosoft Reviews section and check our credibility.

I had been facing the biggest challenge in the inventory system and managing it. They did me a huge favor in making the system. It works great, and I haven't faced any obstacle in handling the system.

Jawahar Lal Nehru University

One of the best website development and designing companies in North India I have ever worked with. I am impressed with their quality and fast delivery of work, and they always answered my emails on time

CLP group

I am really glad about coming to them for my web and mobile applications. Applications work fast. Thanks, guys.

Accuster Technologies

One of the best website development and designing companies in North India I have ever worked with. I am impressed with their quality and fast delivery of work, and they always answered my emails on time.

Urban Clap

Impressive work!! They helped us in making the best Naukri portal, and providing the best development and support services

Nav Naukri

I asked them to make me a matrimonial portal, and they didn't disappoint me. They gave my portal on time, and the quality of work was spectacular.

Vivah zone

Netleaf software is a highly skilled and dedicated team. We got exactly what we wanted from them. Great service!!

2 Tic

Netleaf software is absolutely the best in designing and development. I hired them for creating a website. They ensured me about giving top quality and deliver on time.

Mansah Capital

Working with them was a great experience. They deliver my CRM on time and resolved my every doubt if I had any. Their work was impressive.

Pooja Finelease

Before hiring them, I had a great discussion with their developer team. I was impressed with them, and they guided me in the right direction. I got what I wanted.

Antworks Money

I am impressed with their developer and marketing team. They build my website from scratch and their marketing team bringing huge traffic on my site.


Thanks for the fast delivery and the best quality website. I would totally recommend them if you want a great working website. They will give you what you want from them.

RDR Taichi

I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s very easy to update and manage the website. I don’t have difficulty at all.
Thanks, guys.

Kyna Industriess

My new website is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site & that’s super cool.

GSG Works

Working with Netleaf Info-soft was an outstanding experience!


We wanted a website that is flexible, user friendly and attractive. Thanks for giving the way we required.

Aap ka Chemist

If I need any help for a random task on our website, NetLeaf Info-soft team is always there to provide a resource within short duration

Elga Jeans

Working with Netleaf Info-soft Company has been very easy and the fast responses from their team have been greatly appreciated.

Deep Sight Ai Labs

I recommend Net leaf Info-soft to all my customers, friends and clients. Thank you for the great job.

Pyare Lal Jewellers

I am glad that we chose Net leaf Info-soft as a helping hand in making our website extraordinary. 

Unique Publications

With the imaginative design, our websites also communicate the accent of the business and its philosophy. That’s what called commendable.

ZoZo Cars